A Restful Meditation Ecosystem


  • Embodiment, senses, and our places in ecosystems
  • Gentle psychological attunement
  • Nonconceptual, effortless awareness
  • Spacious, groundless openness

When these four areas cohere together, we have an integrated meditation ecosystem—uncontrived natural abiding.


(Ar)Rest.     Res(is)t.


Meditation can become just another item on the to-do list. Another healthy thing that we "should" do. Something else to feel guilty about on the restless and endless path of self-improvement.

Our approach gentles these forms of self-criticism from the beginning. Where did we get our psychologized and medicalized ideas of meditation in the first place?

Our approach gently refuses to see meditation practice as a means to commodify our selves. We are not a work. We are not something to accomplish. We can let our selves be. We can love and allow our selves. In turn, we can let the world be, and love this world. Instead of struggling  towards our goal, we can arrest its development.

Relaxing back and back into what comes before this judging mind reveals a more original freedom. A poetics of effortless non-doing can (ar)rest the endless striving. Learn to do nothing as gentle refusal of biopolitics. Reclaim the potentiality to not-do.

From resting as sourceless openness, we may discover boundless life-force and inspiration to love this world.